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Historical Members



Robert Wallace 1962   William Claffery
Ernest Evitts 1963-64   William "Esso" Haines
Joesph Fiore 1965-66   Ralph Innocenti 
Robert Manning 1967-68   Steve Palermo 
Joseph Iarrobino 1969-70   Roy Milligan 
Thomas Tringali 1971-72   Anthony Porcello 
John Waselchuck, Jr 1973-74   Ernie Poole 
Allison Shaw 1975   John Waselcuck, Jr 
Timothy Murphy 1976-77   Thomas Tringali 
Richard Lowd 1978-81   Dick McKenna 
Thomas Witham 1982-83   Tom Simpson 
Frank Cause 1984-86   Frank Cause
Thomas Simpson 1987-89   Tom Colbert 
John Spange 1990-91   Bob Gnoza 
Thomas Colbert 1992-95    
Robert Wilson 1996-98    
Cal Grimes 1999-2002    
Jim McKeever 2002-04    
Steve Carroll 2005-07    
John Prisco
Paul Caron